Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is a key economic sector in Southeast Asia as well as a large source of GHG emissions and methane emissions. Additionally, the region is becoming more vulnerable to extreme climate events, impacting crop production and income of farmers. We are seeking innovative ideas and solutions that enhance food production (plant, cultivate, harvest, process), and improve agricultural practices and operations in the face of a changing climate. We are also looking for nature-based solutions that involve sustainable and replicable business models that improve the livelihoods of farmers and food security while reducing soil degradation and carbon emissions.

What we look out for in a solution:

  • Enhance food production and food security while minimizing environmental externalities and maximizing resource efficiency (i.e.  feeds, water, and energy)
  • Address challenges related to climate change, such as extreme weather events and changing growing conditions. Solutions that prevent, predict, monitor, and/or help with natural disasters contingency planning and rescue efforts.
  • Demonstrate innovative and effective approaches to pest management, soil health, and crop diversity.
  • Demonstrate improvements to the social and economic aspects of sustainable agriculture, including the livelihoods of farmers.
  • Be economically viable, scalable for market adoption and replicable in different regions and cultures.