Climate Impact Innovations Challenge (CIIC) is Indonesia’s largest climate innovations tech platform of the year, brought to you by East Ventures and Temasek Foundation. This Challenge provides opportunities for tech innovators to showcase their sustainable innovations in addressing ecological challenges and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The teams will compete in four tracks for a total prize pool of IDR 10 billion to pilot their solutions within Indonesia, receive global exposure, be granted access to investors, and many other perks and benefits. 

Only teams that have created the pilot to create a minimum viable product with the intention for commercialization are eligible to join.

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The four tracks of CIIC 2023

Renewable Energy

The transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy is crucial as industries race towards Net-Zero goals. We seek new ideas, innovations, and technologies that can disrupt how we generate and enable better adoption and distribution of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency in a low-cost and inclusive manner for urban and rural communities.

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Food & Agriculture

Climate crises and unpredictable weather continue to haunt the sustainability of food systems. We seek new innovative solutions to transform and improve the way we plant, produce and distribute our foods more sustainably, with methodologies and solutions that help to improve affordability, access, nutrients, as well as reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste, thereby, ensuring food security in both urban and rural communities.

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Connectivity is crucial for better economic and social access between urban and rural communities, which needs to be balanced with a low-carbon transportation and logistics system to ensure greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. We seek new ideas as new services, platforms, and technologies to support the growing demand for sustainable mobility and supply chains.

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The ocean is critical to feed the population, regulate the climate, and generate most of the oxygen on earth. An ideal blue economy resonates with the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth and improved livelihoods while conserving the health of the ocean ecosystem. We seek innovative solutions to utilize marine resources sustainably to ensure the welfare of coastal communities.

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The winners of CIIC 2023

The finalists of CIIC 2023

Prize and benefits

Total prize pool of

IDR 10 Billion

Application is now closed.


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Find out more about the Climate Impact Innovations Challenge 2023 and become the agent of change in the ecosystems of Indonesia and beyond today.